Artist Statement

I am a visual artist whose painting is predominantly representational with a focus on brushstrokes and qualities of light. My work explores the tension between physical, social and emotional spaces. I am interested in the way people live and finding beauty and insight in day to day living.

As I explore light and shadow I am also intensely focused on colour and how it informs my perception of light. I mix all of my colours from the primaries, even the blacks. This means that my palette is constantly changing from painting to painting. Within each painting there is also a fine and expansive variation in the colour which reflects how I see the world around me.

Currently I am working on a series of Vancouver streetscapes. This series captures moments of transition: day to night, red light to green light or clear skies to grey. These paintings are about being present and giving care to the place where I live. The background that I’m living in becomes the foreground as my city changes around me.

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